JamPlugs : Earphones that look like earplugs!

JamPlugs [Earplug Earphones]!
Hear Just What You Want! 

We are proud to introduce to you, JamPlugs; these are cool, lightweight earphones that function just like any other set of ear buds, yet form a much better, and more comfortable seal. This is accomplished by incorporating actual earplugs into the design, which helps put the music where it matters most, in your ears! The unique earplug ear bud design ensures that a great deal of extraneous noise is blocked by the earpiece (actual foam earplug material), and  more sound from your audio device is channeled straight to your ear! Most silicone-tipped earphones and ear buds simply cannot accomplish this, due to the physical makeup of the silicone, and our earplug foam tips are a much better choice when it comes to sound isolation; that is why most recording studios use foam on their walls, and not silicone. 

Whether you are looking for headphones for mowing the lawn, sports earphones, racing earphones, or simply want an improved listening experience without "breaking the bank", JamPlugs just may be right for you. There's no need to spend tons of money on "noise canceling" headphones ever again! But, don't take our word for it, try JamPlugs earplug earphones out for yourself today!


What are JamPlugs?
At first glance it may seem that JamPlugs are simply earphones that look like earplugs; but when you understand the concept behind the design, they are a whole lot more! They are truly unique, in that they help to separate surrounding ambient noise from sound output from your connected audio device. The result is an improved listening experience, that can only be rivaled by old-school stereo DJ headphones. Now, who wants to wear those in public?

What are some common uses for JamPlugs? 
We have found our customers to be a diverse collection of people from all walks of life. There are many situations where you may need our unique earplug earbuds; here are some common uses...

How can I get the best sound from my JamPlugs?
Placement, placement, placement! Just like any earplug or earphone, placement and proper "sealing" within the ear are the most critical factors in determining their level of effectiveness. Before inserting JamPlugs into your ears, be sure to roll the foam earplugs between your fingers while applying light pressure. This compresses the foam, and when the earplug tips are placed into your ears, they begin to expand and conform to the shape of your ear canal. Once your JamPlug earphones are in place, be sure to grasp the foam earplugs tips, and move slightly in, right, left, etc. in order to find the "sweet spot" for the best full range of sound. Again, the better the seal, the better the sound!

Is there a special way to handle my JamPlugs?
Special care should be taken when handling your JamPlugs, as they are designed quite differently than any other earphone or ear bud currently on the market. The unique aspects of how they are designed require you to handle them differently than you would "normal" headphones. One feature that should be noted is that these earbuds do not have a plastic "handle" in which you can re-position them in your ears. The very best method to practice, is to ALWAYS grasp the earplug foam to insert, position, and remove your JamPlugs. You should NEVER push or pull on the wires, as it could damage your JamPlug earphones. Also, you should never put tension on the wires, as this will stretch or possible break them. You can avoid this by paying close attention when routing your headphones to and from your listening device. Another thing to pay attention to, is making sure that you have plenty of slack in the wires to allow your head to move in all directions. Your attention to these details should allow you to get the most life possible out of your new earphone earplugs, and you can continue to enjoy using your JamPlugs for years to come!

Are JamPlugs certified hearing protection?

No. While JamPlugs may appear to have the same hearing protective properties as standard industrial earplugs, the foam used to isolate extraneous noise, has been altered in order to properly channel sound from the internal speakers. Since this is the case, our products have not been tested by OSHA for their decibel reduction ratings, and should not be considered as hearing protection.

How do I replace the tips on my Original JamPlugs?
To replace the foam earplug tips on your Original JamPlug earphones, carefully "peel" off the old ones and discard. Be sure not to pull, or put any stress on the wiring connected to the speaker enclosures. Next, place a small drop of dish detergent into the back holes of your replacement foam earplugs, and insert the earphone tubes completely into the tips. You are now all set; enjoy your earplug earphones!

Can I use JamPlugs while I am at work? Every workplace is different in that they all have their own set of rules and regulations. Most industrial work environments discourage the use of headphones and earbuds while working, due to potential work hazards, distraction from working efficiently, or various other reasons. If this is the case, we encourage you to follow the specific rules of your workplace; your safety should be your number one priority.